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Mortgage As an Ancillary Service

The real value of a brokerage is how it “owns” the transaction and the relationship with the consumer.  And the key to long-term success as a brokerage is the ability to leverage that relationship into additional revenue using ancillary services.  Today, we'll be...

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Find your Top 20% Tasks

As a real estate broker, you're juggling A LOT of work. Whether it's helping agents, negotiating with vendors, contract closing and reviews or managing your own book of business, there's likely more than enough on your plate. Sound familiar? Now, you’ve most likely...

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Productivity Per Agent Comparison

Today, we'll be addressing an important question: How does the productivity of my agents compare to the general market and my direct competitors?  Answering this question will give you insights into where your strengths and weaknesses lie within the marketplace...

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