Commission Plan Design

Unlock your success with a tailored Commission Plan Design. Our expertise in agent retention, top-tier recruitment, and profitable growth will ensure your competitive edge.

Data & Change

We have spent thousands of hours developing a data driven analyzing tool that allows us to see adjusted P&L broken down by office and agent.

Our report shows you how little changes in the commission plan structure can drastically change the entire organization. Change is tough but we walk you through the roll out.

Attract Top Talent In The Industry

Agents want a commission plan that is enticing to their own pockets but they also want to work for a healthy brokerage. We create the win-win situation!

Commission Plans are how real estate brokerages make money and you already know that. What you may not know is whether your commission plan structure is making you money. Let us show you a preview of everything involved in our program to develop a healthy and profitable commission plan structure. We’ll walk you through the changes and help you communicate the upgrade to your existing agents!
We will build a customized commission plan analysis tool in Microsoft® Excel® that the Company will retain upon the project’s completion. We will review the Company’s top competitors plans within your immediate market and provide an overall analysis. We will build several customized commission plans, per your recruiting and retention goals, and analyze and illustrate the overall financial impact of each proposed commission plan option. The objective of the entire project is to build and deliver a new commission plan program for the Company.

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