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Our Valuations are by far the most comprehensive, thorough and defensible brokerage and property management valuations in the real estate industry. 


A valuation by ClaytonWolf is the starting point to the next stage of your business. Looking to sell? Know what your business is worth before. Looking to buy? Understand the true value of the business you are looking at.


Valuations are not for buyers and sellers only. Understanding the current value of your business allows you to make better decisions on growth and setting your company goals.

With over 100 successful acquisitions/joint ventures and consulting contracts with over 2000 brokers – ClaytonWolf can value your business and help you get where you want to go!

ClaytonWolf will provide a Fair Market Value (FMV) Determination of your firm, as of the most recent trailing twelve-month period.

We will conduct a full financial analysis of the company. We will also build a forecast, based on historical and current performance trends to estimate free cash flow over the next three years. The valuation will serve a dual purpose by providing: (i) direct, actionable insights to key leadership on overall value drivers of the company, and (ii) an overall FMV determination in which the company could sell its assets to a willing buyer.

Our process is very thorough and unlike a simple EBITDA Multiple Determination (Market Based Approach), we analyze the financial strength of the overall operation in comparison to other companies of similar size. We focus our analysis on the company’s ability to continue to operate at current trending levels into the future. We additionally consider the company’s overall market presence, market share, business model against current and potential market competitive threats, leadership and management structure, dependency on current ownership (and if applicable, company’s dependency on current ownership’s personal contribution to revenue), systems and processes, and overall organizational health.

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